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10 inch Blue Vinyl has 8 tracks includes Download code for entire record + 5 BONUS tracks

About the songs on the record.

Side 1


I Aint Gonna Give Nobody None of My Jellyroll

(Clarence Williams and Spencer Williams)

The song “I Ain’t Gonna Give Nobody None of My Jelly Roll” was written by the team of Spencer Williams and Clarence Williams. Though not related, the two became linked in the jazz world for collaborating on tunes like this one and “Royal Garden Blues.” “Jelly Roll” became one of those tunes that no two singers ever sung in exactly the same way. Usually about 80% of it stayed the same but a lot of the little aspects of the lyrics differ when comparing the numerous versions. Mamie Smith might have recorded the first version, waxing it on December 6, 1922. That version is available at the Red Hot Jazz Archive

Michigan Water Blues

(Clarence Williams)

Michigan Water tastes like “sherry wine” whereas Mississippi water tastes like “turpentine”. Although attributed to Clarence Williams , Jelly Roll Morton said that Tony Jackson used to play the blues in 1905 entitled “Michigan Water Tastes Like Sherry Wine” The lines refer to the migration of black people from the oppressive situation in the south to Chicago in the north where there was more opportunity and freedom. There are many versions of this song and variations in the lyrics, The Sugar Bowl Hokum is a mix of the Alberta Hunter version and the one by Leroy Carr and Scrapper Blackwell. Originally a piano tune we have translated it to guitar.

He’s Your Cook (but he burns my bread sometimes)

(Bo Carter)

Although the master of the single entendre lyric, Bo also wrote and recorded some songs that were not risqué. Whilst being primarily known for his bawdy songs he was also a very inventive guitarist for which he receives little recognition. He was a very popular recording artist having recorded 110 sides in the 1930’s. This song whilst still suggestive is one of his less “obvious” numbers.

Shake That Thing

(Papa Charlie Jackson)

This is a very popular tune that has been recorded by many artists including Louis Armstrong as Georgia Grind. “Georgia Grind” and “Shake That Thing” share the exact same melody and in some versions, even some of the lyrics. The song belongs to New Orleans banjoist Papa Charlie Jackson, who recorded the first version of the song in May 1925. Jackson’s record must have been something of a hit because by the end of 1925, it was already being covered by the likes of Clarence Williams’s Blue Five (December 15, 1925) and Ethel Waters (December 23, 1925). Waters slowed it down to give it more of a blues feeling. Sugar Bowl Hokum’s version is a bit closer to the Papa Charlie version with some elements of the Mississippi John Hurt version thrown in for good measure.


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